For some people, tiny housing is a lifestyle choice. For others, it’s a great way to save money while attending college. The tiny house pictured above is designed by a small company called Tumbleweed houses. They specialize in tiny house projects ranging from as large as 867 square feet to a micro sized 65 square feet. Some communities in New York's China district are use to living in smaller spaces.

You have two options if you decided to buy a tiny home:

1. Buy it prefabricated - the one pictured above (The Fencl home) goes for about $54,000

2. Build it yourself - Estimated cost of materials is about $23,000

Why would you ever want to buy a house with only 130 square feet of living space? A large driving factor: Cost.

Adapting To Tiny Home Living

03-03-2013 by Admin

You can essentially be a home owner for the cost of a economy car. No 30 year mortgage, no worry about eviction when the times are rough, and you are living in a beautiful wooden home.

Another advantage to choosing the smaller 130 square feet or less, is they can be built on a trailer. So if you get bored where you are living, hitch up and move somewhere else! The home weighs about 5700 pounds so you would most likely need a truck or SUV.

Due to the fantastic insulation of these homes, you can move just about anywhere. The built in stainless steel fireplace combined with 16R insulation allows the home interior to stay warm in -35 F weather. If you live in a warmer part of North America, there is a option for a small ceiling air conditioning unit.

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