Most people have know about roofing that has plant life instead of shingles. Often you think of some place in England with a cow standing on the roof munching on some grass. Not everyone has the ability to get such a roof project going, especially if you live in the city. There is a solution for those with particularly green thumbs.

Living walls.

The term living wall can be associated with any plant life growing up the side of a wall. It could be a system of vines like you see in the picture above, or even selectively placed soil for plants to grow on the wall. Regardless it is usually attractive to look at.

But are there actually benefits to growing and maintaining a living wall?

The answer is yes… and here is why:

Before you rush into installing and maintaining a living wall you need to make sure the wall can support the extra weight of the plant life. A full grown wall can get to 40 pounds or more when fully grown. The wall also must be water proof and a watering system should be in place to keep the plants healthy.


Vegetative walls do more than just look pretty, they can potentially increase your property value.

The Benefits Of Growing A Living Wall

03-05-2013 by Admin